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Due to the limited support on Kickstarter I have decided to stop the development of Battle Board for the time being, and reevaluate how it could be better to target more people, and if I should continue to development.

Thanks for all the feedback and interest on facebook and instagram.


The Battle Board Kickstarter campaign has just been launched! Go check out the promo video and see how the game work.



Version 1.1 is done fixing some minor bugs.

The alpha testing will begin in the weekend with some selected few and will run for the most part of the month collecting feedback.


Version 1.0 is done and marks a milestone in the development with a fully functional app!

Before the Alpha testing can begin there are some minor bugs that will be fixed in version 1.1 in a week or two.



Version 0.9 is done and v.1.0 of Battle Board is underway.


When version 1.0 is completed it should be ready for Alpha testing.


Version 0.8 of Battle Board is done! The development of v0.9 is now underway. Stay tuned on facebook or instagram for updates.


A new facebook page has been created that hopefully complies with their terms and doesn't get disabled..


For some reason our facebook page has disabled and is currently undergoing review. Hopefully it will be resolved soon, so we can share progress and updates there also.



Welcome to the Battle Board site!​


Battle Board enables you to play miniature games alone against an enemy AI like a regular computer game, but still with the real tabletop experience.​ At first it will be possible to play Warhammer 40k solo, later more games will be supported by community votes.

Development started in mid-late 2018 and has progressed a lot since then. Most of the GUI is in place and fully working, currently fine-tuning of the enemy AI is in progress. Thousands of automated test battles are currently being played to tune the AI, while at the same time the Warhammer 40k ruleset is getting implemented.

In the near future a campaign on kickstarter will be launched to hopefully get funding for the production part of Battle Board. This involves a board game box containing board bases, manual and other items, along with access to the "Battle Board App" for Android and iOS.

A lot more details and visuals will be presented at the kickstarter campaign, and on facebook and instagram as progress is achieved.​


- Thomas